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Crush your CMS & WSET exams with spaced repetition, 2500+ curated flashcards, 40+ maps, 30+ interactive map quizzes, practice tests and more.

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Learn Faster

  • Proven techniques from cognitive science which adapt to your memory and knowledge level.
  • Maximize fact retention with spaced repetition and interval-based active recall.
  • Difficult flashcards appear more often, easy flashcards appear less often. You remember more with less effort.

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Trusted Content

  • Up-to-date study material for all major Old & New World wine regions: Argentina, Australia, Austria, Chile, France, Germany, Italy, New Zealand, Portugal, South Africa, Spain & USA.
  • Also Beer, Cocktails, Sake & Spirits.
  • Meticulously fact-checked and curated.
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Why Cork Dork?

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Spaced Repetition

Learn faster and more effectively. Don't waste time studying material you already know. Study flashcards you're on the verge of forgetting.

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Adjustable Difficulty

Level 1 flashcards are ideal for CMS Intro and WSET 2/3 students. Level 2 is ideal for CMS Certified and WSET 3 and beyond. Change levels any time.

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Track mastery of individual study categories like Argentina, Australia, Austria etc. Instantly identify strengths and weaknesses.

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Streak heatmap keeps you motivated and helps you form good study habits one day at a time. Don't break the chain otherwise your streak will reset to zero.

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Study Anywhere

Study whenever and wherever you want with 2500+ flashcards, 40+ maps and 30+ map quizzes always at your fingertips.

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Curated Content

Vast amounts of information from the CMS and WSET curriculums distilled into easy-to-digest review cards. Content you can trust.

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